Peter Frare - Northern Exposure

Peter Frare

Its all I do! That’s right I’m a “lifer”, I can’t even pull a beer or make a coffee. That means I bring 30 years of Broadcast and Corporate experience to anything I work on. There isn’t a style or genre I haven’t worked on and yet the enthusiasm remains. Those who may know me will recall me as owner of Babylonia (Sydney post production house), an editor and a cameraman. Now based in the Byron Bay area, di
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Chris McCallum - Northern Exposure

Chris McCallum

Chris has a lifetime of experience in broadcast media and production, starting his career in live radio and radio production he then honed his skills in audio post production at some of Sydney’s most renowned post studios. His love of technology drove him to design and build some of the first fully digital post studios in Sydney before expanding into the emerging world of multimedia and digital design and production. Leaving the dark world
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