Chris McCallum

Chris McCallum - Northern Exposure

Chris has a lifetime of experience in broadcast media and production, starting his career in live radio and radio production he then honed his skills in audio post production at some of Sydney’s most renowned post studios. His love of technology drove him to design and build some of the first fully digital post studios in Sydney before expanding into the emerging world of multimedia and digital design and production.

Leaving the dark world of post studios in 1996, Chris launched a freelance career servicing the likes of Qantas Inflight Entertainment in both location and post sound, Discovery Channel, BBC, Nat Geo and all of the local networks – specialising in documentary and lifestyle productions. His work has received local and international awards and his services as a lecturer in technology is also highly sought after.

These days Chris still immerses himself in the world of sound having escaped the madness of Sydney for the idyllic surroundings of the southern Gold Coast and can now be found behind the keyboard fleshing out a concept script, sourcing talent and time-lining a final production. To hear some of his recent recordings visit